1. What's the layout dimensions required for CBKWash installation ? ( Length×width×height )


CBK208: 6800mm*3800mm*3100mm


2. What is your biggest car wash size?

Our biggest car wash size is:5600mm*2600mm*2000mm

3. How long does your car washing machine take to clean a car?

Depending on the steps set in the car wash process, it takes 5-7 minutes to wash a car

4. How much does it cost to clean a car ?

This needs to be calculated according to the cost of your local water and electricity bills. Taking Shenyang as an example, the cost of water and electricity to clean a car is 1. 2 yuan, and the cost of car wash is 1 yuan. The cost of laundry is 3 yuan RMB

5. How long is your warranty period

The main parts of CBK108 are guaranteed for 3 years

CBK208 and CBK308 complete machine 3 years warranty

6. How CBKWash make installation and after-sale service for buyers?

If there's an exclusive distributor available in your region, you need to buy from distributor and distributor would support your machine installation, workers training and after sale service.

Even if you don’t have an agent, you don’t have to worry at all. Our equipment is not difficult to install. We will provide you with detailed installation instructions and video instructions

7. What is the voltage required for the operation of the CBKWash car washing machine

Our machine needs 3 phase industry power supply, In China is 380V/50HZ., if should be required different voltage or frequency, we have to customize motors for you and change accordingly fans, low-voltage electrical cables, control units, etc.

8. What preparations do customers need to do before equipment installation

First of all, you need to ensure that the ground is made of concrete, and the thickness of the concrete is not less than 18CM

Need to prepare 1. 5-3 tons of storage bucket

9.  What's the shipping volume of carwash equipment?

Because of the 7.5 meters rail is longer than 20'Ft container, so our machine need to be shipped by 40'Ft container.

10. How to make transportation and how much of it?

We will deliver containers to destination port by boat, the shipping terms can be EXW, FOB or CIF, the average shipping cost for one machine around USD500~1000 depends on how far the destination port from us. ( dispatching port Dalian )

11.What is the leading time of Car Wash?

If customer require same as China standard three phase industry voltage 380V/50Hz, we can provide fast delivery within 7~10 days, if different with China standard, the delivery schudule will prolong 30 days.

12.Why manufacture or buy a touchless wash?

Several reasons
: 1) Customers in most markets seem to prefer touchless. When the best friction machine is across the street from a touchless, the touchless seems to get a majority of the business.
2) Friction machines tend to leave swirl marks in the clear-coat/paint finish which are easily buffed out. But, your customer doesn't want to go home and buff their car after buying your $6 car wash.
3) The friction wash is more likely to cause damage. Any spinning brush on the machine, particularly the top, can cause problems. A touchless is capable of damages too, but these are infrequent and mostly due to a malfunction rather than causing problems during the normal wash cycle.
4) X-Stream's Impact is so ferocious, you get "Friction-like Clean without the Friction"!

13.The 'Chemicals' really clean the car. Right?

Not be themselves. You'll hear this often from manufacturers with inefficient high pressure applications like flat fan spray arms which are tired and obsolete! If it were true, you'd simply cover the car with pre-soak and after the dwelling period, remove the dirt and grime with a garden hose! Quality chemicals, ample coverage, a reasonable 'soaking' cycle and intense high pressure/high impact are inseparable.

14.What do you mean by 'type of high pressure'?

According to the 'cleaning experts', you need several things to effectively clean with high pressure in conjunction with quality chemicals. 1) 45 degree angle to the surface is best: When you power wash, you impact the surface at an angle which provides lift and... 2) Momentum: Spraying at the angle forces all the water (chemicals, dirt, etc.) in the same direction. (see 'Flat Fan Sprays Perpendicular'... clip) 3) Agitation: Zero degree rotating (agitating) nozzles are standard on our machine which provide an extraordinary impact on the surface unlike 25 degree flat fan sprays. 4) Volume: You can't create 'high impact' with 1 gpm nozzles! You need a high volume of water at high agitating pressure to hit the surface enabling HIGH IMPACT. Remember: 45 Degree angle to the surface, Volume, Momentum, Agitation and of course High Pressure are key attributes to effective pressure cleaning of any kind. We incorporates them all!

15.Why does Car wash use plastic parking stoppers as L arm seen in the home page picture?

Traditionally, providers install metal guide L arm. We think our plastic L arm provide a clear, safe guide for your customers and with an occasional power wash, they'll look brand new and can't rust. L arm almost ensures your machine will get HIT,if it do,will not hurt the car!

16.What about Maintenance and Repairs?

Our machine was designed to be simple! Also, the dual arm design has many substantial advantages like cleaning the car more quickly with less passes. Over-engineered, unreliable machines and their distributors have cost operators thousands of dollars in downtime. Often their warranty becomes worthless because they can't be there on a timely basis and/or carry all the 'custom' parts needed to make the repairs. Most breakdowns translate into days of lost sales and customers seeking more reliable alternatives. There's nothing worse for a gas station, already operating on razor thin margins, to have the car wash down again and again. Obviously, an efficient, simple machine would by 'design' substantially reduce downtime. We have successfully accomplished this objective. So simple, if you can't fix it, mom can!

17.What are the substantial differences between CBK wash and other touchless providers?

1) Price, Price and Price! Our everyday price is 20 to 30% or more (not a typo) below other machines.
2) Built on a legacy of cutting-edge design and operations, CBK Wash Soluction leads the way in Equipment, Facilities, and Operations. Our products will support you every step of the way, from the smallest fitting to a comprehensive franchise solution.,
3) Super easy repairs and the best wash times in the industry. We have outlined many of the other differences on our 'Features' tabb. Also, you can differentiate for yourself by viewing many of the video clips. An Cbk wash representative will fully explain if given the opportunity

18.How about application areas of our car washing machine ?

Include cleaning household cars, cleaning motorcycles, medical vehicles that need to be disinfected and cleaned,cleaning high-speed railways, subways, and large trucks, etc.

Do you interest?